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Ocean View Wedding Day - Brittany and Luke

Brittany and Luke's wedding day was nothing short of perfect and as a photographer who loves natural lighting this was magical. Being a New England Wedding Photographer, I attend some of the most beautiful, elegant weddings but theirs was different for me. I first need to mention the stunning venue of The OceanView of Nahant ( this venue had the most beautifully lite reception area with the most amazing floor to ceiling windows, outstanding view and a wonderful space overall.

Being a photographer I have the honor to attend the most incredible wedding days. And not each wedding is ever the same of course but, what I truly love most is when I pick up my camera and focus in on a tiny moment or a big moment, that moment will be remembered until the ends of time. Brittany and Luke's wedding day celebration was filled with so much love, laughter and just all around pure joy. Their closest friends and family members supported this love from the very beginning when it first seemed to blossom. This wedding was the moment everyone was waiting for. From the moment they did their first look to their last dance, Brittany and Luke made their night so memorable for themselves and for their family and friends.

When nights like these end and I pack up for the night and head to my car I always seem to wait a moment and I truly think about the entire day and what I have just been apart of. Being able to capture such beautiful emotions throughout the entire day and knowing that I documented these moments that will be shared with future generations truly keeps me inspired and motivates me to always do my very best.

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