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Dreamy New England Snowy Engagement Session

Updated: Jun 4

Let me start by saying this was my first snow session and holy cow am I absolutely obsessed with how cozy and loving these photos are. Lyndsay and Joe got all bundled up and embraced the cold snow with me! They were such troopers dealing with this crazy weather. This was Lyndsay and Joe's first time being in front of a professional camera and words can not even explain how magical the photos came out. With each pose and each little prompt they fell into each pose with such ease and trusted me with my crazy ideas! These two are finally engaged after being together for 7 years and they are going to tie the knot this October (2024). They wanted to book an engagement session and I was so down to take their photo in this crazy winter storm. I always start off my sessions when I am meeting my couples for the first time with some ice breakers and getting to know them before throwing them right in front of my camera and forcing poses. I always want to make my couples feel as comfortable as possible. Trust me, being in front of the camera for the first time is very nerve wrecking. I remember my first time taking photos with my soon to be hubby and just being so freaking nervous and being so awkward even though I am a photographer and I know how things work but it was so different being on the couples side. So being able to connect with my couples and let them know that I totally get them feeling nervous but to just embrace each other and trust the process. If you look through these photos you will not see an awkward couple or a couple who has never been in front of the camera before. Instead you will see a couple who embraced each other and fell in love all over again with looking into each others eyes.

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